Evaluating a Job Offer

Steve called his brother to discuss his new job offer. He was enthusiastic about the position and the company, and he saw plenty of room for career growth in [...]

Bunyan Lumber Case Solution

SOLUTION AVAILABLE AT: http://libraay.com/downloads/bunyan-lumber-case-solution/ Problem: Bunyan Lumber, LLC, harvests timber and delivers logs to [...]

Virtual Memory Vs Segmentation Techniques

Problem: Compare virtual memory and segmentation techniques, discuss how memory management schemes might effect programming paradigms. Limit your answer to [...]

Python three consecutive letters alphabets script

Problem: Alphabetical Order: The following words have three consecutive letters that are also consecutive letters in the alphabet: THIRSTY, NOPE, [...]

Eyeglass company decision table Case

Problem: A small company that sells eyeglasses to the public wants to incentivize its sales staff to sell customers higher quality frames, lenses, and [...]

Patient Information Database DDL

Problem: Identify a few of the entities that may be identified in your data model for the data management project. Background Information A [...]

Candy Store Cashier Algorithm

SOLUTION FILE AVAILABLE AT: http://libraay.com/downloads/candy-store-cashier-algorithm/ Problem: Design an algorithm for the following problem: You are [...]

Legal Clinic Monthly Report Algorithm

SOLUTION FILE AVAILABLE AT: http://libraay.com/downloads/legal-clinic-monthly-report-algorithm/ Problem: Design an algorithm to prepare a monthly report [...]

Mount Everest Motor Racing Circuit (MEMRC) Python Program

SOLUTION AVAILABLE AT: http://libraay.com/downloads/mount-everest-motor-racing-circuit-memrc/ Problem: Inspired by the success of the Mount Panorama [...]

Book Publishing Database Queries

SOLUTION FILE AVAILABLE AT: http://libraay.com/downloads/bookstore-publishing-database-queries/ Problem: For each book, list the book code, book [...]