C++ Program and Pseudocode for Baseball league score tracking

A local baseball league has asked you to write a program for tracking scores for 4 teams. Each team played 5 games. Write a program that asks the league official to enter the 5 scores for each team. Your program has to use arrays. You can use 4, 1-dimensional arrays, one array per team or you could use 1, 2-dimensional array where each column holds a team’s scores.

The program should determine which team had the highest sum total of scores.

The output of the program should display all scores for each team and the team # that has the highest total sum of scores.

First, describe your algorithm using pseudocode.

Translate the pseudocode into a C++ program. You must comment your program including comments at the top of the file that explains what the program does and comments for every line of code that explains what is happening for the line of code. Apply troubleshooting and testing strategies to ensure your code compiles, runs, and provides accurate results.

Submit 2 files:

Your Word document with your pseudocode

Your .cpp file

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