CSE2DBF 2019 Semester 2 Assignment Natural Therapy Centre Database

Task 1 should be saved to a file named task1.txt using the SPOOL command.

Task 2 should be saved to a file named task2.txt using the SPOOL command.

Task 1
Download the file NATURALTHERAPY.sql from the LMS site and run it on ORACLE SQL*Plus. This file contains all the CREATE and INSERT statements you will need for this assignment.
The list of tables available for this assignment is the following:
MetabolicCategory (categoryNo, name)

FamilyDoc (GPNo, name, contactNo )

MedicalPractitioner (PractionerNo, name, contactNo, speciality)

Naturopath (NaturopathNo, name, contactNo, officeStartTime, officeEndTime, emailAddress)

RelevantCondition(conditionId, name)

MedicalCondition(conditionId, name)

Habits(conditionId, name)

Patient(patientId, name, gender, DoB, address, state,postcode, homePhone, businessPhone, maritalStatus, occupation, duration,unit, race, registrationDate , GPNo, NaturopathNo)

MetabolicFunction (functionNo, name, categoryNo)

Visit (visitNo, visitDate, time, amountPaid, receiptNo, service, medication, chiefComplaints, patientId)

PatientMetabolic (functionNo, patientId, score)

PatientPractitioner (patientId, practionerNo)

PatientRelCon (patientId, conditionId, notes)

PatientHabit (patientId, conditionId, year, average, unit, notes)

PatientMedCon (patientId, conditionId, notes)

RelevantConDetail (patientid, conditionId, specify)
NOTE: PK is printed bold and underlined, FK is printed italic, PK that is also FK is printed bold, italic, and underlined.
Using the tables provided above, provide SQL statements for the following queries.
(a) Display the number of patients referred to by each medical practitioner in the database.

(b) Find out which occupation has the greatest number of patients with high blood pressure.

(c) Display the area postcodes that have at least two patients under the age of 7 years old suffering from asthma.

(d) Display the details of the patient (i.e. Name, Gender, Address, Postcode, DOB) who smokes and has the highest (most severe) total of metabolic functions.

(e) Display the details of patients (i.e. Name, Gender, Address, Postcode, DOB) who haven’t visited the naturopath in the last 6 months and who are suffering from a severe heart problem (the total score > 9 for Heart in metabolic screening questionnaire).

(f) Display the details of patients (i.e. Name, Gender, Address, Postcode, DOB) who smoke, have diabetes and high blood pressure. List these patients in an increasing order of their age.

(g) For each patient who has at least an allergy, display the patient’s name together with his/her metabolic functions that have the total score >3.

(h) Display the details of all patients in the database (i.e. Name, Gender, Address, Postcode, DOB) together with the referring family doctor of that patient (if any).

(i) Display the average number of patients registered into the database each month.

(j) Display the most popular naturopath that has been visited by the patients.

Task 2
Provide the implementation of the following stored procedures and function. For submission, please include both the PL/SQL code and an execute procedure/SQL statement to demonstrate the functionality.
(a) Write a stored procedure that receives a date as input and displays as the output the list of patients who visited the naturopath on that day.

(b) Write a stored procedure that accepts as input a particular medical problem (from the past medical history), and as the output displays the number of patients suffering from that problem, grouped by the 3 age groups (children 0 – 12 years, teenagers over 12 – 20 years, and adult >20 years).

(c) Write a stored function that uses a patient’s id as input and calculates the total amount paid to date by that patient. You also need to show an SQL statement to display the total amount paid by all of the patients in the database.

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