Database Question Answers

  1. Why it necessary to have a middleware between applications software and database?
  1. The native SQL is one of the script languages such as HTML and as such it has some limitations, what are they and what are the consequences of using it without any help from other procedural languages?
  1. Concurrent process is a concept that has a root in consistent database states. How do we define the term and how do we keep the consistency?
  2. A unit of transaction consists of several actions. How do you define what constitutes a unit of a transaction? And how do you determine when to commit or rollback?
  3. There are three types of queries used to query multiple tables. They are: Set operators like JOIN, Using conditions in WHERE clause, called the traditional method, Using sub-query
  4. Discuss the different syntax of multiple table queries:
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of these methods?
  • When more than two tables are involved, which methods are simpler to construct?
  • Submit some examples.
  1. Views are one of the most useful tools even though they are not absolutely necessary. What are the advantages of using views?
  • Where would you use the views?
  • When would you use views that are updatable?
  • Are the data in views updated if the tables from which the views are constructed undergo change

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