Excel In Business Accounting TCO1 Solution

(TCO 1) Create a payment account for the employees in a supermarket. To do this maintain a record of the employees’ information, department, wages and indude the number of hours of work invested by them individually. Additionally include the wages per hour to calculate the total daily wages of each worker. Perform the following tasks.

Part 1. Describe how to create an Excel workbook for payroll showing employee name, department, number of hours of work for a week taking into account regular hour and overtime hours (paying one and a half time of salary rate and double the rate for more than 55 hours of work (use appropriate formulas for calculations).
Part 2. Describe how to calculate the total wages for each employee and grand total for all employees using Excel formulas.
Part 3. Describe how to sort the list in descending order of the total wages.
Part 4. Describe how to apply the concept of 3R’s in your worksheet.
Part 5. Describe how to create a chart showing the wages per department. (Points : 40)

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