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Latest Solution Submissions

Office 2016 MyITLab MS-Access Grader EX16_AC_VOL1_GRADER_CAP_AS – Student Loans

Solution file for EX16_AC_VOL1_GRADER_CAP_AS – Student Loans project

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ICT 704 Non-Relational Database Systems Task 2 NoSQL Movies Database Using MongoDB

MongoDB instructions for Movies database

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1804ICT-Data Management 7003ICT-Database Management Designing a Database for BigM

SQL solution files for BigM Database

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Python Roll Dice Program

Python code to roll dice twice and ask user sum or difference of the numbers

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Loans Vs Bonds

Loans Vs Bonds

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Office 2016 MyITLab MS-Access Grader EX16_AC_CH08_GRADER_CAP_HW – Replacement China, Inc.

Solution file for MS-Access EX16_AC_CH08_GRADER_CAP_HW – Replacement China, Inc. project

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Office 2016 MyITLab MS-Access Grader EX16_AC_CH06_GRADER_CAP_HW – Northwind Product Analysis

Solution for MS-Access EX16_AC_CH06_GRADER_CAP_HW – Northwind Product Analysis project

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Office 2016 MS-Excel MyITLab Grader EX16_XL_CH08_GRADER_ML2_HW – Reading Scores 1.2

Solution file and tutorial guide for EX16_XL_CH08_GRADER_ML2_HW – Reading Scores 1.2 project

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Office 2016 MyITLab MS-Excel Grader EX16_XL_CH08_GRADER_ML1_HW – Investment Banking 1.2

Solution file and tutorial guide for EX16_XL_CH08_GRADER_ML1_HW – Investment Banking 1.2

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