Office 2013 MyITLab MS-Excel Grader College Admissions and Art Dealership

For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:

Step Instructions Points Possible
1 College Admissions 40.000
2 Art Analysis 60.000
Total Points 100.000


This grader project has 2 sub-parts.
Look for the blue-colored cells, as they are the cells in which you need to author stuff in.
Although this work is placed within Chp 8, the focus is mainly on Chp 7 concepts.
Part 1:
You are working at a college in the admissions department.
Your job is to work out who gets early submission/rejection.
Please read the comments placed in cells F18 and G18, which detail the rules you will need to know in order to create the necessary functions for cells F19:F518 and G19:G518.
You will also calculate some summary figures (please only use Database functions).
The criteria area for the database functions starts in cell J6.
When calculating the average SAT and average GPA, include results from all students with a SAT equal to or above the SAT threshold score of 2900, and have received early admission.
When calculating the average SAT and average GPA for only in-state admissions, include only students who have received early admission.
Part 2:
You are working at an art dealership.
In column N there are a number of blue cells, which will summarize data for Highly Valued art pieces.
Your job is to author these formulas, using the appropriate conditional functions.


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