Java Ch 10 Exercise 6 Java Package InsuredPackage

Create a class named “Package” with data fields for weight in ounces, shipping method, and shipping cost. The shipping method is a character: ‘A’ for air, ‘T’ for truck, or ‘M’ for mail. The “Package” class contains a constructor that requires arguments for weight and shipping method. The constructor calls a calculateCost() method that determines the shipping cost, based on the following table:

Weight(oz.) Air($) Truck($) Mail($)
1 to 8 2.00 1.50 .50
9 to 16 3.00 2.35 1.50
17 and over 4.50 3.25 2.15

The “Package” class also contains a “display()” method that displays the values in all four fields. Create a subclass named “InsuredPackage” that adds an insurance cost to the shipping cost, based on the following table:

Shipping Cost Before Insurance($) Additional Cost($)
0 to 1.00 2.45
1.01 to 3.00 3.95
3.01 and over 5.55

Write an application named “UsePackage” that instantiates at least three objects of each type (Package and InsuredPackage) using a variety of weights and shipping method codes. Display the results for each “Package” and “InsuredPackage.” Save the files as “”, “”, and “”

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