Sales Order Database Normalization Solution

In this assignment, you are expected to accomplish the following:
Discuss what normalization is and why it is important.
Normalize the database design in Module 2, and describe whether the tables are all normalized. Explain whether the tables satisfy the requirements of 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF.
If you believe your tables as submitted in Case 2 are already normalized, explain in your paper how those tables meet the normalization standards.
If not, how you would modify the design?
Draw or describe your new database ERD the same way you did in Module 2 in the paper.
Describe (in at least one paragraph) what ACID is and why it is important for databases.
Describe (in at least a half page) why normalization is needed and how to optimize it. Describe lessons learned from this exercise.
Include in the paper the SQL statements used for creating tables and screenshots of the results in your chosen DBMS.
Assignment Expectations
Normalize tables in a database design.
Be able to use SQL to create tables and indexes.
Briefly discuss the pros and cons of normalization.
Ps… Module 2 is the assignment you already sent me with the database schema

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